Byron Levels Program

Ready to move up from our Circus For Fun classes?

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Project Description


These classes provide a progression for students who are ready to move on from our Circus For Fun classes.  

Participants who show dedication and talent are invited to join the Levels classes to advance their skill set in preparation for performance.

Level 1 Circus:  The first step up from Under 10’s circus.  Includes ground acrobatics, trampoline and aerial skills.

Level 2 & 3 Acrobatics:  The second level acrobatic stream with a focus on more advanced skills in tumbling, trampoline and acrobatics.

Level 4 & 5 Acrobatics:  The top level acrobatic stream for advanced students progressing to high level routines and troupe prep.

Level 2 & 3 Aerials:  The first level aerial stream focusing on silks, lyra and static trapeze.

Level 4 & 5 Aerials:  The second level aerial stream teaching more advanced skills in silks, lyra, static trapeze, web and more.

Level 6 Aerials:  The Performance Troupe preparation class introducing performance skills and act creation.