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Project Description

Flying Trapeze Workshop

Experience the thrill of flying trapeze for yourself at any of our locations nationally.  Enjoy the outdoor rigs at our Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane locations or escape the weather at our fully indoor venue in Byron Bay.

In the safe hands of our professional coaches, secure with a net and harness, you will quickly progress from a swing to a knee hang and then attempt a catch, all in one lesson!   

This exhilarating experience is suitable for ages 5 and over and can be undertaken by people of all levels of ability.  Classes are of mixed age groups and abilities.  Each class includes 5 swings on the flying trapeze.

Check out our Flying Trapeze class packs, Frequent Flyer class or 6 Week Challenge if you are (or want to be) a serious flyer!

Choose the location closest to you for days and times