Exciting and affordable options for schools to introduce their students to the dynamic world of circus!

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Project Description

Circus will produce amazing results for students of all abilities and interests

Circus Arts offers a variety of exciting and affordable options for schools to introduce their students to the dynamic world of circus; whether for fitness, fun or performance. From unique and exciting school excursions to a full term of circus classes as part of the school curriculum, circus will produce amazing results for students of all abilities and interests.


Sport Curriculum

Circus fulfils a wide variety of Curriculum requirements and aligns well to government-recommended policies for establishing fundamental movement skills, fulfilling values, attitude and skills outcomes and encouraging a lifelong engagement with maintaining an active lifestyle.

Circus classes not only capture the attention of students who are naturally drawn to fitness activities and sports, but they very often encourage a higher level of participation from students who otherwise hesitate to engage in physical education, offering a viable alternative to regular sports. There are inviting options for students of all skill levels and physical abilities, including those with disabilities. Circus engages the body and mind in an enjoyable way, setting a foundation for life-long skills and fitness, thus making circus a true equal-opportunity option for your school curriculum.



Engage your most sports hesitant students with a fun and physical excursion to Circus Arts. 1.5-5 hour programs in circus, flying trapeze and indoor climbing (Byron Bay only) are available for students of all ages and abilities.

Students will not only experience the physical benefits of circus including increased body awareness, balance and hand-eye coordination but also walk away from the session with new found confidence, boosted self esteem and a feeling of increased camaraderie with peers.

We are happy to tailor the session to meet the needs and outcomes of your school program.


Circus Comes to You

Do you need a circus professional to run a circus stream of your existing sports curriculum, oversee a performance program or teach a one-off skills workshop?

Circus Arts can provide schools with professional level trainers and equipment to bring circus to you in the school environment.

Let us know about your requirements and we will get in touch.


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