Determined to share their love of circus with you!

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Belinda Hultgren

Big boss lady, Owner, Director, Ring Mistress

Known for: Working too hard, giving birth and returning to work the next day, dreaming big, her unrelenting calm and pose.

Story: Belinda is the driver and dreamer behind Circus Arts Australia.  Having discovered the personal benefits of circus as a teen, Belinda took her natural talent to the big top, performing flying trapeze and circus for a number of circus companies both overseas and in Australia.  Determined to share her love of flinging her body through the air, she set up Australia’s first flying trapeze open to the public in Sydney in 1999.  7 years later she returned to her home town of Byron Bay and established Circus Arts HQ which has grown to unbelievable proportions over the last 10 years.  This unstoppable woman then opened the Gold Coast and Brisbane locations….oh and she had three kids too!  We think she’s stopped now- with both the kids and the locations…but time will tell!

David Summers

General Manager

Known for:  Sneaking off for adventure holidays, his particular coffee tastes and building his monster deck!

Story:  Dave is our very own mountain man.  The kind of guy you want on your team when the Zombie apocalypse happens!  He has spent over 20 years teach Outdoor Education in Skiing, Hiking, Sailing, Kayaking, Climbing and Moutaineering.  He was the Australian and New Zealand Director for the National Outdoor Leadership School and moved to a 10 acre property in Byron in 2013.  When he’s not at Circus Arts managing staff, crunching numbers or flying the trapeze, he’s at home working on building projects or on the slopes volunteering for the Thredbo Ski Patrol.

Scot “Ted” Tornaros

Head Coach / Belinda’s other half

Known for:  Being a flying trapeze living legend, daggy dad jokes, working as hard as Belinda (nearly!), being a total clown and a great dad.

Story: Ted is Belinda’s right hand man in work, love and life and always arrives at HQ with a smile on his face and a story to tell.  He is an accomplished international performer with a range of disciplines including aerial, manipulation and clowning.   During his 12 year engagement with Club Med, he was the Regional Manager for Club Med Asia Pacific Zone for circus and taught and performed in Malaysia, New Caledonia, Japan, Bali, Indonesia, Thaliand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Ted started training flying trapeze in 1995 and is now responsible for teaching, coach training and maintenance on all of Circus Arts Australia’s 5 rigs nationally.  Yes, we keep him busy!

Melanie Lillis

Coach, Training Coordinator

Known for: Clean living, sneaky tattoos, being a gun at everything she tries.

Story:  Mel’s fitness journey began as a child, competing in a range of different sports but really focusing her talent within Gymnastics.  She competed in many regional and state competitions, ending her career as a Level 7 gymnast.  Next she conquered the world of Sports Aerobics gaining a lazy 10 national titles and going on to represent Australia at 4 world titles!  

At Circus Arts you will catch her sharing her mad skills on the training floor, keeping the coaches organised and perfecting her coffee making skills any chance she gets!  Circus is a new frontier for Mel so watch out Cirque Du Soleil.  The only direction this girl goes is up!